Open at the Close

A little sum-up of the past few months and what’s happening in 2017.


And if you get that Harry Potter reference, good for you!

So, it’s been a while.  Lots have happened since October and lots still happening. The most important thing I think would have to have been Yama-Con the first weekend of December.  We were down in Pigeon Forge, yes I know there fires, for about five days having quite possibly the best time of my life.  Roomie went with me and there will be pics to follow.

Well, we’re gearing up for the end of 2016 and that means Christmas and New Year’s.  I’ve decided to make 2017 a year of re-centering, in both my personal, physical, and spiritual life.  There’s been a lot of failed starts over the past two years, and I really want to make a more positive change in my life.  This past year has also been one of serious emotional upheaval and I’m tired of it as it affects everything else in my life.  How are we going to do this?

Well, I’m going to take on a Bullet Journal this year.  For a basic idea of what bullet journaling is, click here.  Now, I’ve done some considerable research on how I want to set up my bullet journal and have looked at multiple examples and Pinterest has been my absolute friend.  Again, pics to follow as I get it set up.  I think a Bullet Journal will help me keep everything in my life organized, and I mean all aspects of my life.

I’m enrolling in a gym come January (yes, I can feel your eye roll on this side of the computer screen) but since I’m putting my own money into it I’ll be motivated to actually go.  Once I get my journal up and running and my schedule planned out, I should be able to reach my goals.

Curious about those pics?  Let’s get to it!!

We arrived on Thursday, a day ahead of the Convention, to do some touristy stuff!  This was my second visit to the Titanic which has quickly become one of my favorite attractions.  I enjoy certain moments in history and this one is right up on the list.

Yama-Con Day 2 – Katara, Avatar the Last Airbender.  This was by far the most time consuming cosplay to date.  Not only did I have to read my first pattern, but I had to modify that pattern as well.  Eventually I’ll put up all the pictures of the process and completed pieces.  While I wanted this to be so much more than it turned out, I’m so happy for how this whole project came together in the end.  I’m very proud of it, and have a better foundation for my sewing prowess for Katara Mach2!  For a video on my waterbending skills click here.  
Yama-Con Day 3 – Black Widow Character Bounding.  Sunday is the day we usually drive home and I need something to comfortable to wear as I make that trek.  My roomie was Scarlet Witch and looked awesome!!!  Can I just say that I want to wear this wig all of the time!!!  I loved being a redhead!

And that’s all for this post folks!!  I’ll “see” you all real soon!