V-Day Original Character – Viola B. Patricks

Happy Single’s Awareness Day!  Galentine’s Day!  Valentine’s Day!  Whatever floats your boat!

I had debated for a while on what to post on this “happy” day, but I knew it was going to be about one of my favorite Harry Potter Post-Golden Trio Original Characters, Ismene or Viola.  Ismene, despite how much I love her, shares my view of Valentine’s Day, so Viola was the best choice.  So, I bring to you, Viola Bernadette Patricks.

Viola was born on February 14th, 1966 to muggle parents Dr. Adrian Patricks and Dr. Vivian Patricks.  She has two brothers, Jameson (5 years older) and Marcus (1 year older), who is married to Patricia and with whom has three children: Danielle (who Vi is the godmother of), Lynette, and Jacob.  Now, I don’t want to turn this into a 50,000 word story on her life, so I’ll sum it up.

She got her letter to Hogwarts at 11, much to the confusement of her family and the extreme dislike of her middle brother Marcus.  All, but Marcus, seemed to understand why strange things happened while Viola was around, and in the end were excited for her and her new school.  Viola started Hogwarts in the year of 1977 and graduated in the year 1984. She had been sorted into Hufflepuff and had followed the traits of that house to a T. She was devoted to her friends, and she worked very hard in all her classes. She took a deep interest in Herbology and Potions, which in the long run came to know surprise since her parents are both doctors. Viola spent time on the Quidditch Team as Chaser from 2nd to 4th year then Seeker for her last three years, making it to Captain her 7th year.

After graduating Hogwarts, she went straight to University with the intent of someday teaching. She studied diligently there as a student and graduated at the age of 22. After spending five more years doing personal study in herbs and potions, Viola started a teaching position at the Sydney School of Potions Mastery in Sydney, Australia. Before the start of the fall term in 1999, she received news of her mother’s death. She resigned from her job in Australia and returned to England to manage her mother’s estate. She was so distraught that she took a year off from teaching. When the Potions became available to Hogwarts, she was contacted by the Headmaster to come and teach. And after much soul searching decided she was emotionally capable of taking the position.

While teaching at Hogwarts, Viola found herself in a relationship with the new flying instructor Istvan.  I could spend forever writing up their wild and crazy love story, but that’s for another book.

Some quick info about Vi –

Patronus – Squirrel

Amortentia – Vanilla, Cassia, Arabica Coffee

PlayBy – Lauren Graham

Most Memorable Moment at Hogwarts – Turning Severus Snape’s robes pink the day she turned seventeen.  🙂

That’s all for today folks!  Happy Birthday Viola!

– Deanna


OC-tober 10/17

Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe

OC: Serafina Caldwell

Pairing: OC/Loki

It was strange, this magnetic pull she felt for the man she’d never laid eyes on before.  He felt familiar, like he was someone she’d always seen on her peripheral but never face to face. Yet she knew him, at least she felt like she did.  Despite her friend’s fervant pleas, and relentless pulling on her arm, Sarah wanted to stay.  To allow herself to be kept in the magnetic attraction for a person who could only be classified as a psychopath.  For goodness sake, he had a high ranking man sprawled out on the table with some sort of device lodged into his eye!

Well, whoever he was he called to her like a siren that called a sailor.

“Sera I swear if you don’t come with me right now…!”  Elise yelled at her, and gave her a final tug on her arm.

Sera looked back at Elise and gave her glare but allowed herself to be guided out of the museum.  However, she dared a final look a the stranger and he was looking at her.  Well, at first he looked surprised to see her. As if she was a friend from long ago.  But then he was angry.  It was a raging violent anger that came on so fast that Sera did indeed run as if her very life depended on it.

She darted out of building and towards the street but turned towards an alley when Elise let go of her arm.  It was the crowd, she thought, that caused them to become separated.  Catching her breath, Sera touched a locket that she’d always worn around her neck.  The locket that would never open.  The warm metal instantly calmed her and she dared peek out towards the street.

There he was.  His earthly clothes melting away and being replaced with black, green, and gold leather that gleamed in the evening lantern light.  He stood proud.  regal.  As if addressing people was something he’d done a thousand times.

What was his name?  It was on the tip of her tongue.  Why couldn’t she remember?  More importantly, why did she think she could remember?

OC-tober 10/16

Universe: Harry Potter (wha?  Fanfiction?!)

OC: Lacrimosa Rose Donovan – Goes by Lacria by her friends and Ria by a very select few.  Story takes place end of year 1 of Hogwarts.

Lacria tried not to let the rocking of the train lull her to sleep but it was almost impossible.  She’d never imagined that her first year at Hogwarts would have been filled with so much work.  Granted, she’d enjoyed everything she’d learned…well, History of Magic she could do without, but most of it was rather enjoyable.  She’d even managed to find Professor Mcgonagall’s dry humor to be quite amusing by the time the year was over.

By the time exams rolled around, Lacria was filled with excitement for the summer and fear for the tests.  The letters announcing their grades would be sent their homes during the summer, but Lacria figured that she wouldn’t read the letter until closer to the end of summer. Especially since she wasn’t even going to be in England for most of the summer.

It had been strange, receiving a letter from the set of grandparents who lived in India.  The letter she’d received just before Christmas had been very vague and had risen more questions than had answered.  Lacria had a thousand questions to ask about the mother she never knew, but hoped that they would all be answered during her stay in India.

She smiled, thinking back to the argument that had ensued with her father and her stepmother during the Christmas holiday.  She’d made her case quite well, that she was more of an outcast than an actual member of the family.  Had made a list of reasons why she should be allowed to travel to India, despite the fervent (yet very strange) pleas of her stepmother to stay.

But Lacria had said that she would go to India and there was no changing her mind.  For almost two months she’d be with her family.  Maybe she might actually find a place to belong.  Who knew what they’d teach her?

OC-tober 10/14

Universe:  The Prince’s Flowe(an original work by yours truly)

OC: Prince Daniel, The King, Ms. Ivy, and Caroline

“Father? Who is that girl out there?” Prince Daniel looked out his window to see a girl with unruly red hair walking through the a small garden with someone who could only be presumed as the governess.

“That is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abrams. I believe her name is Caroline.” The king smiled at the young girl who couldn’t be a day over eight for she was quite petite.

“Why didn’t we get to see her?” Daniel looked at his father with curious eyes. “I thought I was supposed to see all of the families? I’ve seen everyone else’s children.”

Henry tried to supress a smile but failed. “Well, they were all closer to your own age. You’re fifteen, Daniel…some archaic families believe that’s close to marrying age.”

Daniel’s face turned to one of disgust. “That’s ridiculous, Dad.”

“That may be so, but it is still true. Would you like Carson to stop the car so that you can see her?”

The young prince thought for a minute and then nodded. “I can’t see the harm in it.”

The car was instantly stopped and the young prince stepped out of the car making his way to the pair in the garden. He didn’t know what possessed him to meet the girl, perhaps it came from the desire to talk with someone who was younger than him as opposed to older or nearer his own age.

“Ms. Ivy? What is this called?” The child had picked up a flower and held it up for her companion to see.

“That is called a daffodil, Caroline. They are meant to represent faith, honesty, and truth. They are vigiliant for they come every spring, even after the harshest of winters.” The governess had knelt down next to Caroline and helped her examine the petals, the color, as well as the stem.

Caroline laughed and turned around to pick another flower when she spotted him. “Ms. Ivy…” she whispered, pointing to Prince Daniel.

The governess looked up and smiled at the prince. She stood up and dropped a respectable curtsy before turning her attention to Caroline. “It’s rude to point, child.” She whispered something in her ear before pushing the little girl forward. She walked towards him and then dropped a curtsy of her own.

“Hello, Your Highness. I’m pleased to meet you.”

The prince bowed as well finding her to be quite intriguing. “You must be Caroline, right?”

The little girl nodded. “Yes Your Highness. This is my governess Ms. Ivy.” Caroline looked back at her teacher. “We’ve been having a science lesson, Your Highness.”

“I see. What have you been learning about?” Prince Daniel situated himself on one of the garden benches.

“Flowers today. Ms. Ivy has been teaching me about how flowers grow and what flowers mean.”

“What’s been your favorite so far?”

The young girl’s face became one of pure concentration. “I guess they’re all my favorite because they are all so pretty.” She giggled and did a little dance.

“What about you? Do you have a favorite?”

In truth, Prince Daniel did and he wondered if this garden would have one. “It would have to be purple lilac.”

“We have those over here, Your Highness.” Ms. Ivy gestured to the flowers he had just mentioned.

The young monarch smiled and rose to his feet allowing the ten year old to guide him along. “Why are they your favorite?” She asked as she knelt down to look at the purple blossoms.

“It too is a symbol of spring.” He plucked a blossom and handed it to the young girl. “They represent a…beginning of sorts.”

Caroline looked at him in confusion and Prince Daniel apologized. “I’m sorry. I’m not very good with explaning things.”
The child nodded and smiled. “Don’t push yourself,” she said, looking up at him. “That’s what Ms. Ivy always says. I get very excited sometimes and want to say everything I want at once and nothing sensible comes out.” She stood up and brushed the dirt off her dress and held the purple flowers closer to her heart.

The prince chuckled and rose to his feet. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Caroline.”

She nodded and dropped a curtsy. “And you, Your Highness. You’ll make a great king someday.”

Caroline watched as the prince bowed to her and to her governess. He made his way back to his car and they drove out of sight. “I never expected to see the Prince today, Ms. Ivy!”

“Yes…quite unexpected.”

Caroline looked down at the purple lilac in her hands. “I think I’m ready to continue my lessons now, Ms. Ivy. I have a lot of learning to do.”

“Really? What are you preparing for?”

Caroline smiled and pressed the flowers to her cheek. “I’m going to marry a prince one day, Ms. Ivy!”

OC-tober 10/12

Universe: Belle – A Beauty and the Beast Retelling (an original work by yours truly)

OC: Isabella

Isabella ran a gloved hand along the ivory keys, pressing firmly on a few so that the soft notes would echo in the stillness.  Mother had played…many years ago, when they still had the piano.  The sound had always brought comfort and peace to the usual racket caused by the consequence of having six children now quite grown up.  But with their financial ruin, the instrument was sold and now Isabella could barely picture the sound of a piano much less the memory of her mother playing it.

She’d never learned to play well enough to perform for polite society but she played well enough for her own amusement.  For a moment she wondered if she even remembered any of what she’d been taught.  But that was a question for another day.  Now, there was dinner, for the hour of seven drew near.  A Beast was not something to be kept waiting.  At least, not if she wished to keep her life.

Even as she made her way to the dining hall by traveling through a maze of dimly lit corridors, Isabella couldn’t help but wonder if this was to be her fate.  Allowed to do as she pleased day in and day out only to be summoned when the Master of the household saw fit.  Such a fate was one she’d abhorred for as long as she could remember.  She swore to herself she’d never live such a life, especially when Antonio had made his ridiculous offer of marriage.

But then, none of this was really her choice…or at least a choice that she had any say in.  A cruel and viscious  monster had terrorized her father and had forced her to make sure that her family didn’t lose the head of their household.  Father was good to them all, despite her siblings inability to recognize it.  Granted, Frederick and Robert were coming around to the idea but Adele and Felicia refused to accept their fate.  They’d rather have the fine gowns and sparkling jewels and be fawned over by all of high society than realize that those that they wished would notice them, saw the as dirt and refuse.

Isabella sighed and paused in front of a door that she hoped led to the dining room.  She had no recollection of how she arrived here, and could only assume that the magical castle took care of that itself.  She raised her hand to the door handle only to find that the door swung open of its own accord.  Magic, she thought to herself.  A few more days of this and I shall scarcely remember how to open a door!