Hello!  I’m so happy you found this page!  This special place is where I’ll be posting all about the books I’m currently in the process of reading or writing.  Now, you are forewarned I love to write romance fiction, and I am an avid writer of fanfiction and there are multiple universes.  To make this easier on you, I’ll post my “regular” fiction in white font and my fanfiction in red.  Any thing I post about the material I’m reading will all be in blue.

Writing and reading are both very therapeutic for me. Personally, reading is an escape for me and writing is an outlet.  I love being transported to places that I’ve never been to and to experience different times.  I have many voices in my head and they all have stories to be told.

Mondays will be a character spotlight and Fridays will be a spotlight on a particular book I’m reading.  Note that if I haven’t started a new book, I’ll not post about it on Friday.  With that, welcome to my little corner of madness and I do so hope you enjoy the voices in my head.


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