Updates and Plannings

Wow!  We’re almost halfway through January!  Where has the time gone?  Almost two weeks with the New Year’s Resolutions and already I’m slipping!  (Hey, it’s good to admit your short comings.  Just don’t let them drag you down!)  I can say that I did enroll in a gym and while I didn’t attend every single day, I have attended 3 group fitness classes that are seriously giving me a run for my money.  Two Zumba classes and a Body Pump class.

Can I just say that I love anything creative?  Dance outlets are perfect for me so Zumba is the soooo the right fit.  My Saturday class combined Zumba with a short Kettlebell workout and I think I did 200 squats once my two Zumba classes were done.  The Body Pump class works on muscle development which may not be important now, but as I lose weight, and fat goes away, muscle takes it place.  I’m headed for my Body Pump class tonight and I’m excited.  My limbs feel like jello when I’m done, but it’ll be worth it.

I have been making a point to be more proactive about my scripture study, and keeping the line of communication with Heavenly Father open.  I won’t lie, there are many days where I feel like the windows and doors and every little crevice into Heaven is closed, but with the way I feel in my life right now (and it’s all good), I know that I’m not being ignored.

So, now we get to focus on the future!  I already have one cosplay planned for Yama-Con 2017 and I’m meeting with a friend in the coming weeks to prepare for it.  She’s also a fairy friend, so I’ll finally get to bring Willow Chanter (my fae name) to life!  Apart from Renfaire which is here in 5 months, there’s nothing big happening in my world.  So, this is the perfect time to get everything in order before the last half of the year whirls along.

Peace out lovelies!!

– Deanna


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