OC-tober 10/15

Universe: Hadleigh of Varisvaara

OC: Hadleigh

“You’re going to catch a chill sitting next to that open window.”

Hadleigh looked up from her book on electrical manipulation to look at Reshnoa, her teacher, mentor and friend for the past twenty years.

“You’ve been saying that since the first time you caught me up here.  It’s not happened yet.”  She closed the book and looked out the open window.  The winter air was finally slipping down from the Northern Mountains and she tugged her shawl a little closer around her shoulders.

“Ah, but you enjoy tempting Fate.”  Reshnoa approached her and sat down on the window seat.  She easily pulled the book from Hadleigh’s long fingers.  “Doing a little reading before your journey?  You spent most of your life in these books, I didn’t think you’d need to read another word.”

The smile on Hadleigh’s face vanished and she felt hot tears burn her eyes.  She’d completed her training, despite her late arrival.  She was now deemed “able” to go out into the world and wouldn’t worry the world about being unable to control her abilities.

“The books are the closest thing I had to friends since I got here.  Not that anyone has been mean or anything, in truth everyone here has been so nice, and I’ve enjoyed  teaching the children as well.” She stopped, realizing that she was rambling.  She leaned her head back and rested it on the dark wood paneling.  The sun was beginning to set and eerie shadows were being thrown over the mountains.

“Your knowledge will serve you well in the coming days.  Where do you think you’ll go?”

“Varisvaara,” she answered without hesitation.  She smiled and touched the locket she wore around her neck.  “They won’t recognize me now and I think that place would be as good as any.”

“Your people were fairly against magic, if I recall.  It’s the reason you were sent here in the first place.”

The young mage rolled her eyes and waved her hand in dismissal of her mentor’s words.  “My step-mother didn’t approve of me mingling with her two daughters.  I’ll meet with the Viscount when I first arrive and let him know I’ve returned, but that’ll be it.”

Reshnoa smiled, seeing the determination in her young charge’s face.  “You’ll write to us when you’re settled?”

Hadleigh laughed.  “Of course.”  She embraced her teacher, tears shining in her eyes.  She did have her own reasons for going home, but she was going to miss the life she’d built for herself here.  She’d been free and able to live as she pleased.  No one had judged her.  No one had questioned her.  It was going to be hard to leave all of this….but she had to.


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