OC-tober 10/12

Universe: Belle – A Beauty and the Beast Retelling (an original work by yours truly)

OC: Isabella

Isabella ran a gloved hand along the ivory keys, pressing firmly on a few so that the soft notes would echo in the stillness.  Mother had played…many years ago, when they still had the piano.  The sound had always brought comfort and peace to the usual racket caused by the consequence of having six children now quite grown up.  But with their financial ruin, the instrument was sold and now Isabella could barely picture the sound of a piano much less the memory of her mother playing it.

She’d never learned to play well enough to perform for polite society but she played well enough for her own amusement.  For a moment she wondered if she even remembered any of what she’d been taught.  But that was a question for another day.  Now, there was dinner, for the hour of seven drew near.  A Beast was not something to be kept waiting.  At least, not if she wished to keep her life.

Even as she made her way to the dining hall by traveling through a maze of dimly lit corridors, Isabella couldn’t help but wonder if this was to be her fate.  Allowed to do as she pleased day in and day out only to be summoned when the Master of the household saw fit.  Such a fate was one she’d abhorred for as long as she could remember.  She swore to herself she’d never live such a life, especially when Antonio had made his ridiculous offer of marriage.

But then, none of this was really her choice…or at least a choice that she had any say in.  A cruel and viscious  monster had terrorized her father and had forced her to make sure that her family didn’t lose the head of their household.  Father was good to them all, despite her siblings inability to recognize it.  Granted, Frederick and Robert were coming around to the idea but Adele and Felicia refused to accept their fate.  They’d rather have the fine gowns and sparkling jewels and be fawned over by all of high society than realize that those that they wished would notice them, saw the as dirt and refuse.

Isabella sighed and paused in front of a door that she hoped led to the dining room.  She had no recollection of how she arrived here, and could only assume that the magical castle took care of that itself.  She raised her hand to the door handle only to find that the door swung open of its own accord.  Magic, she thought to herself.  A few more days of this and I shall scarcely remember how to open a door!


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