OC-tober 10/11

Universe: Harry Potter – Where Phantoms Sleep (an RPG website that me and a close friend just go a little bit crazy with the post-Golden Trio fandom)

OC: Selene Celeste (her mother was entirely unimaginative when she picked out the name)

Selene stared at the letter in her hands, trying to focus on the words on the page, despite how much her hands shook.  It was impossible for anyone to imagine that during her third year at Hogwarts, when she’d started taking Magical Studies to spite her pureblooded parents, that she’d be doing this.  Professor Scott had encouraged them in their fifth year to have a Muggle pen pal and Selene had readily agreed.  For the past two years they’d kept a constant correspondence, despite Samantha’s confusion at not writing via texts or e-mail…whatever that meant, and a plan had hatched in Selene’s mind close to the end of her sixth year.

Now, after working and saving at a job that she had come to enjoy, and doing all of the research as slyly as she could, and after receiving confirmation from Sammy…everything was ready.  Within a week, she’d be on her way to America and no one would be the wiser!  She’d been so careful, kept all of her letters hidden away, managed to convince her parents that the money she was saving was so she could be more independent when she got married…and somehow managed to convince Leo that she had come to care for him in some small degree.


He was her one small regret in all of this.  The arranged marriage, which had sickened Selene since she had first heard about it 11 years ago, was reaching its final climactic point, ever since Leo had officially proposed a week ago.  If she’d followed her parents’ upbringing, the proposal was everything she would have wanted, but she didn’t want it.  She wanted to be free.  To live her own life.  And she did like Leo.  He wasn’t viscous and wouldn’t leave the marks that her mother did.  He was interested in her life, unlike her rarely attending father.  He would make someone a great husband…someone who wasn’t her.

She stuffed the letter in the hidden box under the floor boards, reapplying the magical wards, being careful not to mess up her hair and nails.  She was taking her wedding shoot photos today, so Leo would see her in wedding gown, but her mother wanted this out of the way so that they could devote more time to the family the day of the wedding. It would also allow Selene and Leo time together.

A knock sounded at her door and her mother angrily announced that she was keeping everyone waiting.  Selene sighed and slowly stood back up, running her hands down the satin material of her dress.  She just had to keep her stoic face and disinterested manner going for just a few more days.  And then, her life would really begin.


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