OC-tober 10/9

Universe:  Once Upon A Time (yep! another fanfiction!)

OC: Katarina Adara Thusia (I had a fascination for the letter “A” apparently.  But in all honesty her name translates to “pure, beautiful, sacrifice.” Very fitting concerning her story.)

“You must understand what you are asking, child.”

Kate looked up from the pool of water to stare at the aged God before her.  Chronos very rarely let anyone view the great expanse of time, and even more rare was anyone allowed to follow a certain person’s path.  But he had called to her and she had followed.  She needed to know what happened to the man that she loved, despite the fact that she knew it would result in his death.  What caused her great surprise was that he didn’t die.  He lived for an expanse of well over 300 years but those centuries could hardly be called a life.  The reality she’d seen before her would lead to the destruction of a mighty people and the great gift they’d been given.

Chronos had warned her before the question had even left her lips.  She’d seen the turning point and the reality of what caused the man she loved to start down a dangerous path.  Even though correcting the path would still result in her not being in his life…it had to be done.  And there were consequences.  Meddling with time could have disastrous effects if left to misuse.  But it was possible wasn’t it?  She could approach Zeus with what she’d seen and make a case for her to return to the land of mortals…even if for a time.  But Zeus would ask for something in return.  The proposed arranged marriage nipped at the back of her mind and she sighed.  It was the only thing she could offer…but if her plan worked out she could easily spend the rest of eternity serving Persephone then married to God who would never make her happy.

“I cannot see what would happen, can I?”  She looked at the aged deity.  It was hard to gauge his age but she’d heard that it was well into the thousands.  He didn’t appear fragile…more like wise, with his long white hair and beard and his dark blue Grecian robes.

He shook his head and waved a hand over the pool of water she’d been staring into.  She said a mental goodbye to the brown eyes she’d fell in love with as the man before her disappeared from view.

“I can say that your plan, while admirable, will have consequences.”

“I’m changing time, Chronos.”  Kate rose to her feet, and dusted off her white gown, the bangles around her wrist jingling in the silence.  “Of course there will be consequences.  But I cannot let the mortals below us destroy themselves in such senseless chaos.”

The clouds of grey parted behind her and she could see the familiar grounds of Mount Helicon beckoning to her.  The green lands were lush and covered with small flowers.  The mountains in the distance looked purple and were framed with fluffy clouds and backed with a clear blue sky.

“Tread carefully, Katarina.  Your destiny was decided long ago.  To tempt the Fates…”

“I understand,” Kate whispered, when it was clear Chronos wasn’t going to finish his warning.  She stepped through the portal, her feet landing on the cool grass and the warm breeze caressing her skin.  She turned slightly, and cast one final look a the one of the most powerful Gods in all of Olympus.  He raised his hand in a parting gesture which she returned.  As soon as he had disappeared from view, she knelt to the ground.  Her mind was frantic with ideas for how she could save those people.  But despite all of her planning, and all of her worrying, there was one name and one thought that never left her.

“Rumpelstiltskin,” she whispered, raising her head to stare out to the horizon.  She wanted to laugh.  She wanted to cry.  She wanted to run and shout for joy because she’d finally done it.  She’d finally found a way.  “I’m coming.  I’m coming back for you.”


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