OC-tober 10/7

Universe:  The Phantom of the Opera (excerpt from my fanfiction titled She Walks in Beauty Like the Night)

OC: Anastasia Hillcrest – scene starts with our heroine Anne

Fanart Credit: Dralamy


“There’s a story that my mother used to read to me. Two women fought over a baby and they were brought before a great king. Both women swore that they were the child’s mother and that the other woman was lying. So, the king looked to one of his guards and ordered him to take a knife and to cut the child in half, giving one half to each woman. Before the blade could be lowered, however, the woman who was truly the child’s mother begged the king to give the child to the other woman so that no harm would come to it. The king then gave the child to the woman who begged that the life of the child to be shared for he knew that she was the child’s mother.”

“And what does that lovely little story have to do with my situation?” Christine’s eyes blazed fire and her words were dangerously quiet.

“The Phantom saw that he and Raoul were constantly fighting over you and that it was hurting you in the process. You were not happy. He loved you the most by letting you go so that you could be happy. He couldn’t bear to let you constantly be pulled in two.”
It happened so quick that I couldn’t even prepare for it. Christine had raised a hand and had soundly slapped me across the face. As I couldn’t brace myself for it, I ended up losing my balance and falling on the floor.

“How dare you say such a thing to me!” I had not anticipated her anger, but she knelt down, grabbed my upper arms and tried to shake me. “How dare you! You know nothing! Do you hear me?! Nothing!”

“Madame, I think it’s best if you leave now before I have you forcibly removed from the premises.” Aunt Giry’s came from out of nowhere and I was grateful. Christine hadn’t scared me, but I was scared for her as I was quite sure that Erik was watching.
Christine stood up and glared down at me. “I never want to see you again,” she whispered furiously. She turned and walked away. I felt Meg’s reassuring arms help me up and she pushed my hair back. “There’s a cut, Anne,” she whispered, tears rising in her eyes.

I gently pushed her hands away. “I’ll be okay.”

“He’ll be furious if he sees it. Let’s go put a cloth on it.” She turned me around to guide me off stage and I turned slightly to look up at Box 5. Erik was standing there, glaring at me, his hands tight on the railing. And then, he was gone.


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