OC-tober 10/6

Universe: Once Upon A Time

Pairing: OC/Rumple

OC: Evelyn Dormier

The curse was coming, and for the first time in many a month, Evelyn was afraid.  She’d known for a while this was coming.  Her Master had hinted as much during her time of captivity.  Everyone would forget.  Even she would forget!  Evelyn looked over at her ten-year-old daughter and sighed.  Would she be separated from her child in this new world?  She touched the amulet she wore around her neck and tried to smile.  No.  He’d protected them both…without meaning to.  Perhaps, even if they didn’t remember, they would at least stay together.

Evelyn grasped the wrapped parcel in her hands a little tighter, and her resolve strengthened.  Now was the time to break her silence.  In this new world, her Master would remember long before her and he at least needed to know the truth.  He would be angry, shocked, hurt, and could come after them in a rage, but it had to be done.

“Rosalind,” she called out to her daughter, who had been watching the unearthly clouds form on the horizon.  “Would you come sit with me for a moment?”

“Is it time to see Father?”  She asked, turning from the window and joining her mother on the floor.

“Yes, it is child.  You remember what I told you?”  Evelyn pulled her daughter close so that the young girl was sitting in her lap.

“That he’s different.  He doesn’t look like most people.”  She leaned back on her mother’s chest, a smile on her face.  “But how shall we see him?”

Evelyn smiled.  “Before I left your father, he enchanted this mirror for me.  It belonged to my mother, and now shows me anything I wish to see.  I’ve never used it for fear that someone would be able to find us.  And it’s been important that we remain hidden.”

“The scary clouds change that?”  She looked up at her mother with eyes that were the same amber color as her father.

“Yes.”  Evelyn would say no more on that subject.  Rosalind knew what the clouds meant.  She quickly undid the tie on the cloth and moved the purple material away.  The mirror looked much as it always had:  silver, with vines and roses decorating the edges.  She held it in front of them.  “I’d like to see Rumpelstiltskin…please.”

A soft gray cloud obscured her view on the mirror and when it cleared, she could see him.  He was standing by one of the mirrors in the Great Hall.  She’d recognize them so well she’d had to clean them so often.  She wondered if he could hear her?

“Rumpelstiltskin,” she called out.  It surprised her when he turned and looked around the room.  “Over here…in the mirror!”  She wanted to laugh and cry at the sight of him.  How dearly she’d loved him and how heart broken she’d been when she realized that she had to leave him .

“Evelyn,” he whispered, bracing his hands on the sides of the long mirror.  “But…you’re dead.”

“There’s no time to explain, Rumpelstiltskin.  The Curse is coming and we only have a few minutes left.”  Evelyn faltered for a moment and looked down at Rosalind.  “Say hello, daughter.”

“Hello, Father!  It’s so nice to finally see you!”  Rosalind was crying, which was not the reaction Evelyn had expected.  “Mother says we’re going away soon!  To a place where we will not remember who we were or those that we love.”

“She can’t be…”  He whispered, but Evelyn cut him off.

“There’s no time.”  The windows of their home shattered and the purple clouds, thundering and full of lightning, seeped in.  “Rumpelstiltskin, I love you.  None of that has changed.  I wanted you to know, because you always have a trick up your sleeve so you’ll find a way out of this.   When you remember, and you will remember, find us.  I promise you, in this new world I will explain everything!”

“You don’t know that!  You won’t remember me!”  He looked so sad and so hurt and Evelyn wished she was there once again to comfort him.

“But you will remember!  So find us, Rumple.  Find us in this new world!”

Rosalind held on to her mother with all of her might but Evelyn would not look away from the man that she loved.  His amber eyes, filled with tears, were the last thing she saw before the Curse took them away.  The last thing she heard was the sound of her name as he called out to her over and over again.


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