OC-tober 10/5

Universe – Dragon Age: Inquisition

OC: Aerin Lavellan (player guided character – Elf Mage)

“How can I explain all of this to my Keeper?”  Aerin asked to the forest around her.  She’d been granted a few minutes alone before she began was to begin her journey to the Conclave in Haven.  She was to spy…to observe…and nothing more.  Then she’d report back to her clan all that she’d seen and then continue her responsibilities to one day become the next Keeper.

“But I don’t want to be Keeper,” she whispered, sitting down underneath an aged tree.  She leaned back against its trunk and stared up at the whispering leaves.  It had began years ago, when the clan had moved too close to a city.  She’d snuck off, as she was very prone to do, in the night leaving an all too cryptic note to her Keeper.  She swore she’d return, and she did…two weeks later.

During that time, she observed and kept herself very well hidden.  Shems never paid much attention to elves, and she never cast any of her magic.  She’d been warned of the conquences.  Her Dalish markings were faint enough that no one noticed, and she always kept her ears covered.  But what had fascinated her, was the Chantry…the religion of the Shems.  Gone were the stories of Ancient Gods, to be replaced by one called the Maker…and his bride Andraste.

She’d really spent most of her time in the Chantry and listened to tale after tale and heard the Chant of Light with rapt attention.  Even now, she was still able to quote parts of it.  She didn’t want to be Keeper…she didn’t believe in any of it.  She wanted the world outside of the Clan…the Maker, and Andraste.  But how was she able to explain it all?  No one would understand her.

Perhaps…at the Conclave, an answer would provide itself.  If the Maker and Andraste really did exist…they’d show her way.  Open up a new door so that she could follow Them.  Nodding to herself, Aerin picked up her wooden staff and fastened on her back.  She had a long journey ahead of her and there were still goodbyes to be said.


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