OC-tober 10/4

Universe:  The Black Rose Trilogy.  An original work – excerpt taken from Book 3

OC: Alexandria Tate

Alex cracked the window shade next to her and looked down at what could only be the Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport.  It had been years since she’d been to France and while her return was not one of happiness, she was glad to return nonetheless.  She settled back against her seat and sighed, allowing the scenery below her to define itself as the plane began its descent.  The flight had been longer than she’d anticipated and this last leg had been delayed due to bad weather.  The journey wasn’t even finished as she still had an hour-and-a-half drive to Annecy, but at least she’d have a companion traveling with her for that.

Memories of childhood vacations sprang to her mind which caused her to focus on the reason of her visit.  Well, if all went according to plan this would be more than just a visit.  Alex reached into her long coat and pulled out the frequently read letter which she’d placed in her inner pocket. Taking a deep breath, she reread the letter trying to fully grasp that her dearest friend in all the world was dead.  Cancer had been an ugly and cruel mistress and had taken Cecelia away from a loving daughter and an over worked husband. Both of whom really had no idea how to cope with the loss of such a wonderful person. This letter was sent to Alex in an e-mail not long after Cecelia’s death.

They’d seen each other a few months for their annual vacation, but the cancer had taken Cecelia away too quickly for Alex to say her proper goodbyes.  She would hopefully get to do so today at the funeral.  But the hardest part would be seeing Marcus again, though he wouldn’t remember her.  He’d only had eyes for Alex’s blonde and shy best friend which was always the story when the two of them were together.

“…he doesn’t understand, Lexi.  I worry for little Aurora.  Marcus works all the time, and I understand that it’s important to him, but I miss the man I fell in love with.

Such was their conversation when they’d had their two week vacation in Greece.  Cecelia had expressed more than one concern while they were together and it was in her letter that she’d impressed upon Alex to help them.  She was the only one Cecelia trusted with her loved ones, and while she was happy to carry out her best friend’s wishes, she was scared.  Cecelia didn’t know how much she still cared for Marcus.  Yes, it was many years ago and they were both entirely different now, but she still carried a torch for him, in her own way.

How was she supposed to help Marcus and little Aurora move on when, for her own selfish reasons, she wanted them to move on with her?


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