OC-tober 10/3

Universe: Four Sisters

OC: Faith Hamlin, and Charity Carthis

Note:  Fiction.  Not fanfiction

“Have you tried talking to anyone?”  Faith asked, growing a little dizzy from watching her sister pace back and forth across the living room carpet.  She’d been doing that for about ten minutes and with each return trek she seemed to grow more agitated.

Charity’s look was dark and she sighed in frustration.  “No one really cares, Faith.  I mean, apart from you all and I hardly you as it is.  I don’t want the times we get together to be filled with my ranting about my issues.”

“That’s what your teachers are for.”  Faith brought her feet up on the window seat so that she was sitting cross legged.  She was referring to Charity’s Home and Visiting Teachers, fellow church members who came to her home once a month to deliver a message but to also see how she was doing and to help make sure she had everything she needed.

“I don’t even know who they are, Faith.”  Charity threw her hands up in the air then ran them through her blonde locks.  “Everyone always asks how I am when I’m at church but nobody really cares.  If they did care, they wouldn’t ask when I’m surrounded by other people.  It’s so much easier to lie and say I’m okay so that they check me off their list for having socialized with everyone.”

“Charity that’s unkind and you know it.”  Faith’s words held little heat because she knew exactly what her sister was going through…well, from a different perspective anyway.  “There’s more to this than you’re letting on…isn’t there?”

Charity stopped her pacing and sighed. How could she explain to Faith how abandoned she felt?  How unloved?  She’d done everything Heavenly Father had ever asked her to do.  She even tried to make her abusive marriage work until Kevin had threatened the girls.  But now, three years after the divorce, she was seeing all the damage of the seven year marriage.  Immediately following the separation, she’d clung so tightly to everything she believed, knowing that He would watch over her.

But as time passed, she started to not gain the revelation she once had while reading her scriptures.  Church held little joy for her…especially since she’d moved into a new Ward and they’d placed her in Primary before she even had time to breathe.  She knew no one and felt so alone.  Her prayers felt like a one way conversation and that her words just bounced off the closed doors of Heaven.

Yes, there was more than what she was letting on, but no one wanted to hear it.  Not really.  With the exception of her family, anyone who asked if she was alright just did it in such a way that made her feel as if they were marking it off a check list.  If they really wanted to know, they’d pull her aside, get to know her.  She didn’t drop her problems at the door step of a mere stranger.  No one in their right mind did that.

“Mama!  Mama!”  Elise and Eloise came bursting through the doors of the den.  Their overalls were covered in chalk as were their hands and faces.  “Come see what we did!”  Each of them grabbed a hand and pulled her along to the outside.

She cast a look back at Faith who simply smiled and waved her on.  Charity sighed and put on a smile for her girls.  She had to stay happy for her girls.  They especially couldn’t know the damage her past had wrought on her and how much it had changed her.  She had to keep the smile on.  She had to keep the walls up.  Everything was just easier that way.


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