OC-tober 10/2

Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe

POV: Murielle Orloth

OC: Murielle Orloth –> half-elf from Alfheim, currently residing on Asgard.

“Everything felt far too perfect to be real on Asgard.  If she had to be honest with herself, Murielle would still choose her home in Thyscar. The round structure which sat high atop an aged tree, would glow an iridescent blue once the sun had set below the horizon.  Then the forest would come alive, and she could hear the sounds of nature slowly waking up.  The wind would rustle the leaves and whisper secrets long since forgotten.

“And while there were trees and nature in places around the huge expanse of Asgard, everything here was also very pristine and too perfect.  Nothing was every out of place, and a servant was always on hand to correct any mistake.  But if Murielle was to be honest with herself, she figured that the High City on Alfheim was probably much of the same.  Thyscar was meant for people such as herself who were cast aside and they had formed their own community.  A peaceful one where no one was higher than the other and everyone pulled their own weight.

“She sighed and closed the book she’d been attempting to read for the past half-hour. In all honesty, her main reason for disliking Asgard so much was that her father was here.  He now had complete say in her life, despite the fact that she’d already come of age some several hundred years ago.  He was apparently making up for lost time and trying to treat her like a child.  Murielle sat up with a start, the book falling into the floor with an audible thunk.  That was the problem with Asgard.  She felt too confined here!  The wide open spaces of Alfheim beckoned to her as sirens beckoned sailors.  There had to be a way to escape…even if it was just for a little while.”


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