OC-tober 10/1

Universe: Dragon Age II (video game by BioWare)

POV: Sebastian Vael

OC: Kaitlynn Hawke – rogue (yes, she’s technically not an OC since she’s the one you play, but I create my own story around her so it counts…yes?)

“He’d come to love her not because of the way she’d taken charge of her circumstances or of how her status had changed from refugee to nobility. But because of the unconditional love she gave to all. No one was beneath her notice. All people regardless of color or race were treated with the same civility, kindness, love, and respect that would be been given to the noblest of kings.

“But it was who she spent her time with that concerned him, not that he had any real claim to worry about her.  They were only friends, despite the desires of his heart.  Hawke looked wearied and stressed and he knew that it wasn’t because she was now Champion of Kirkwall and was trying to maintain the peace between the Mages and the Templars.  Her relationship with Anders was causing her an enormous amount of stress.  He wanted to talk to her about it…Maker, he wanted to talk to her regardless of the subject.  They’d been close once.  He had been her comfort with the passing of Bethany and Leandra.  She’d sought him instead of Anders, but he could never give her what she wanted.

“Well, at the time he couldn’t.  But now, he was determined to reclaim his throne and someone as pure and loving as Kaitlynn would be perfect at his side.  But how could he ask for her?  Why should he?  She was so devoted to Anders, despite the inevitable destruction it would cause her.  No.  He would wait.  He would continue to be the friend she needed, and if…no, when that day came, he would be there.  He would help Kaitlynn pick up the broken pieces and maybe…just maybe…”


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