Fitness Friday 9/23/2016

Week 5 – Day 1

So, I gotta say, that this is a pretty awesome day!  I was so excited at weigh-in and thrilled with the results I’ve been seeing this past week.  That’s right!  Weigh-in was a success and I’m officially in a new set of numbers!  We’ve crossed into the 160s which means that I have less than 20 pounds to go!!  I don’t think I can express how very excited I am and all the more recommitted to keep going!

What have I been noticing this week?  Well, the pants are all fitting a bit looser, and I had to go to a new notch on a belt and on a watch!  Also, the 30-day plank challenge is torture but the results are worth it!  I see some definition but that’s not one of my goals so don’t expect me to go on about that.  They say it’s the first 10 pounds where you notice changes, but it’s at the 20 pound mark where other people notice change.  Honestly, it’s happened already.  Some people are noticing and it only makes me happy.

Now, to clarify. I’m not doing this for anyone but myself.  I want to find a healthier me since there are certain health risks that run in my family.  Like diabetes for example.  I think my body must be dealing with some sort of shock from the lack of sugar that’s in my system.  Anyway, I’m not doing this to please anyone or to make myself more appealing to anyone.  This.  Is.  For.  Me.  And me only!

Goals for the week:

1.) Drink more water!!  I can’t stress this enough!  I still don’t feel like I’m getting all of the required amounts of water, but I can tell the days where I do and do not drink all my water.

2.) Take back Saturday!  This past Saturday was really good and I started out strong, but by two o’clock, I was done.  I wanted nothing more than to play Inquisition and have some time with Cullen.  Or Blackwall.  Whichever OC was awake at the moment.

3.) Make daily scripture study purposeful.  What am I looking for when I do my study?  Is it just another thing on the checklist or am I reading to discover and to learn?

4.) Stay active!   I’ll be in Toddlers this week so goodness knows I’ll be on my toes the entire time I’m with them, but always stay moving.  Sit only at nap time, and only when I’m not checking to make sure kids are breathing!

So, that’s it!!  Don’t forget to check out Kristen’s blog to see how she did this week!

– Deanna


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