Fitness Fridays

Week Four – Day One

Alright, we’re starting the last week of the month and I’m really excited to report on my progress.  I stepped on the scale this morning to discover that I’ve lost 6.8 pounds!  Now, I know you’re thinking, really?  You’ve been doing this for four weeks and you’ve only lost a total of 6.8 pounds?

Yes, I could have lost more and I’m slowly taking charge of my weekends which I realize are my problem days.  Monday through Friday, when I work and it’s a bit easier to follow a strict eating routine, are comparably different than Saturday and Sunday where I’m at home and have access to all my food (bored eating).  So, what’s the plan for Saturday and Sunday this week?  Well, I’m going to break up my Saturday into sections.  My internal alarm clock puts me at waking up between 7 and 8 so I’m going to divide my time out into two hour segments.  With the exception of meal times. (breakfast 30 min, lunch and dinner will each get one hour or the length of an tv episode).

Right after breakfast I’m going to start doing projects that I don’t normally get to do during the week.  Reorganize the kitchen for one.  I want to devote two hours to my scriptures, whether that be personal reading, or working on my lesson for church.  I need to do errands and maybe go see friends or something.  The point is, my goal is not sit and play Inquisition which considering I’m almost to the halfway spot where things start moving forward again is going to be pretty hard.  It’s to keep active that is the goal.

Sunday is just as hard since I don’t have to leave the house til 12 but if I get ready at 11, that still gives me 3-4 hours.  Also, I need to have a post church snack and meal ready to go because by the time I’ve left Church (4 o’clock) I’ve not eaten since early that morning.  So, that needs to be planned into my Friday grocery budget.  Something different that keeps me from either going out (which is not good for my budget) or overeating when I get home.

So, those are my goals for the week!  To focus on Saturday and Sunday.  What am I going to keep doing that I did last week?  Well, it’s continuing my 30-day plank challenge (which I should be ready to hold for a minute here in a day or two) and to keep going Clogging on Monday nights.

Don’t forget to check out Kiristen‘s progress!!

– Deanna


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