Fitness Fridays – 9/9/2016

Week Three – Day One

Alright!  So, for the positive!  I’m down a solid pound this week which is pretty neat considering I had a three day weekend with my parents which involved nothing more than reading two books and enjoying the quiet nature of their farm.  But, honestly, we shouldn’t judge or successes by the number on the scale because we’re worth more than that.  I pulled out a blouse I hadn’t worn for quite a while and was amazed at how it looked on me! Now, that could be due in part to confidence but you know!

I had my Friday night dinner which involved a salad from a sandwich shop and my usual ice cream treat.  But, tomorrow will be a day to watch because it’ll be a minimally active day but the rest of my week should be good.  No sudden surprises in food expenses.

I’m on my 30 day plank challenge and I’m on day 4 which is to hold a plank for 40 seconds.  Doesn’t sound like much but it is!!  I’m also starting up a new “workout” I guess you could call it to help keep me active but no spoilers yet!  I’ve also bought all the materials to make my very own voi (more on that soon) which will also help keep me active when I finally get around to using it.

New recipe for the week:  White rice, with chicken and pico de gallo.

What to keep doing for the week?  One zero point food per meal.  That’s becoming a banana with breakfast, grapes with lunch, and some sort of vegetable with dinner.  I also have an apple during the day to tide me over til lunch.  I’m slowly starting to see my water intake.  I’m not as hungry if I have lots of water per meal and I can tell a difference in my sluggishness without the water.

Negatives of the week – vertigo.

I mean, I think I can call it that even though I haven’t been officially diagnosed with it.  It’s like, I turn my head and then eventually everything catches up to it.  Really dizzy and I look like a drunk person while walking ( though I’ve never been drunk before so the comparison might not be accurate).  I don’t know how this could be a negative but I worry that it’s partly blood sugar related, so I’ll be finding a doctor soon to hopefully help with that.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight!  We’ll see you all again in a week!!

– Deanna


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