Fitness Fridays 9/2/2016

Week 2 Day 1

Alright, so I’m pretty sure that his week has been a complete bust and I have only myself to blame for that.  I allowed myself more than one “cheat” day and got into the complacency that usually happens when I see changes on the scale.  So, the resolutions for this week are going to be a lot more strict, especially since I will not be at my house for the duration of the upcoming three day weekend.  I’ll be with my parents from Friday evening to Monday afternoon…a much needed break.

Of course, this is also the perfect opportunity for me to stay on track because I tend to not eat as much when I’m at other people’s house.  Yes, yes, weird I know.

So, what do I intend to do for the three day weekend?  Well, I will be away from technology so I don’t have to worry about my two hour limit.  I intend to work on crafts, walk around my parents’ expanse of property (it’s mostly wooded and I like nature *happy dance*), read, plan my Sunday School lesson, and try to stay on track without having to worry about every little thing that goes into my mouth.

Also, Tuesday will start a 28-day ab challenge.  I need to increase my physical activity and this is the perfect way to start that.  Plus, I L-O-V-E planks!  Eventually I want to upgrade my phone to one that has more storage space so I can start working on walking/running more outside when the possibility to drink the air (#humidity) is not so readily available.

We’re also preparing for General Conference (we’re about a month out), so I’ll take the opportunity to start coming up with questions, or things to ponder during the two day event.  Other upcoming things?  I’ll be taking a vacation after my birthday on the 6th of October.  I’ll be gone that following Saturday through Wednesday afternoon.  Thursday I’m having root canal ( no chance to eat that day YAY! ) and am taking Friday in case something happens because with me…you never know.  Plus, I’m afraid of the tooth doctor, but have realized that to be more my own fault than anything else.

My goal is to be down 10 pounds by the time Roomie and I leave for Con the first weekend in December.  That first weekend is also another wonderful time to lose weight because I’m on the go soooooo much there’s no time to eat!!  I think I dropped 5 pounds last year.  I know, not the right way to lose weight but it was nice seeing those numbers on the scale…even if it was just for a few days.

Today, lunch is being catered at work so I’m going to eat as much fresh fruit and veggies as I can get my hands on and start working on getting my 8 8oz glasses of water a day.  The cup I usually carry around carries 16oz so I want to work on drinking at least 16oz per meal and then another 16 before bed.  We’ll see what happens.

Goals for the Week

  1. start drinking more water.  16oz per meal
  2. Chores and responsibilities before media time
  3. Be more mindful, especially during my upcoming vacation
  4. Keep busy, no mindless eating.


Successes from Last Week

  1. Eating more fruits and veggies – I think I did have some sort of 0 point food per meal and I’m starting to eat peppers instead of chips when I make sandwiches.
  2. Took advantage of my tens to eat a small snack that would help carry me to my next meal
  3. Did NOT eat the cake that was in the break room.  *i deserve a medal for that one*
  4. Read scriptures daily
  5. Walked to go get ice cream instead of driving


See you all next week!!

– Deanna

P.S.  Don’t forget to check out how Kristen has been doing this week!!


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