Fitness Fridays 8/26/2016

Week One Day One

Alright!  Here we are officially at the start of a new journey!  Just like doing Dave Ramsey’s budget system, all beginning steps have to be small in order to have a secure foundation before making real headway.  So, in order to start this here is my “before” shot.

“Before” Shot – Taken 8/26/2016

This is one of my favorite dresses that I bought almost two years ago at Hot Topic.  It sports my favorite flower: white roses.  Whenever I wear this dress I feel so pretty.  Plus…that skirt!  It’s the perfect twirling dress!!  And it’s modest enough to wear to church!  YAY!  It’s also quite uncomfortable to wear at the moment.  I mean, when I’m sitting it is. Every five pounds lost will result in taking a picture in this dress.  And if I ever get too skinny for this dress then I’ll just die!  Although on a side note – the ideal dress I would love to fit back into again would be my senior prom dress.  THAT is a gown there!

Okay, so today is Friday which means it’s also grocery shopping day!  Maybe I should post my groceries…hmm.  Anyway, I went just under my budget for groceries but did very little shopping in the aisles.  It’s mostly produce, dairy, and meat with some stops in the Living Naturally aisle at my local Kroger.  The only thing I bought aisle wise was some canned green beans (french cut), canned pineapples (in their own juice) and pasta sauce and whole wheat pasta.  All in all, it was a very good haul today.


So things I’ll be working on during the week

  • Meal planning – got lots of stuff for sandwiches and salads, as well as porkchops and chicken with appropriate sides.  Lots of veggies!
  • My “treat” for the week?  Just had it!  It’s a mini M&M Blizzard from DQ.  I feel guilty using the points for it, but it’s worth it after a hard week at work.  Especially today!!
  • I think staying under my daily budget is going to be a huge no-no.  I’m allotted 29 points a day until that changes and if I stay under it, I’ll pass out from starvation!
  • Weigh-in – did that this morning!  Fridays are weigh-in days!  You’ll all that information at the end.
  • We’re going to be starting the walk/run regime.  Mondays will be clogging (but not this week b/c work so I’ll do a walk/run.)  Wednesdays I’ll go for a walk with the parents.  Friday we walk to DQ.  Yes, counter-productive.  But it’s the perfect treat for the walk home since you can drink the air!  #humidityproblems
  • Two hours of media time – got one more episode of Alias to finish and then I’m calling it a night!  Though out of all the plans/goals for the week…this will be the hardest.
  • Temple trip – that is something that we’ll tackle come September!

And I think that’s it!  This week I’m going to work on writing all of my meals down, making sure that I have some sort of fruit/vegetable at every meal, and monitor my technology time.  So, the gates have open and the race has begun!  Let’s see what this week brings!!  Until next week!


8/26/2016 Weigh In – 172.2 lbs.  Pounds lost – 0

– Deanna

P.S.  To see Kristen’s updates click the link.

P.S.S.  I’ve found that trying new ways to eat foods is very fun.  No, I don’t drink alcohol.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the pretty glasses!!  This is vanilla yogurt, with simple truth granola, drizzled with honey.  Nice way to start the morning.




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