Character Spotlight – Adelaide

Character Name: Adelaide

Realm: Fiction

Book Title:  Adelaide – A Princess Furball Retelling

Character Playby – Eliza Bennett

Adelaide is very new to the voices in my head.  Her story is going to be the one that I’m going to be writing come Nanowrimo so I’m going to use this as an opportunity to sort of flush out her character.  This story is going to be my first story that I’m going to actively pursue publication when it’s all finished.  I’m hoping with that in mind, I’ll be able to do my best work and get my rough draft finished in a month.  I already have someone who is willing to read my first draft so with all of those plans laid, hopefully I’ll be able to succeed.

Now, Adelaide.  She’s the only daughter of King Aster who doesn’t seem to really know what it means to be a father.  I’ll leave that up to your own interrpretation.  Her mother, Queen Meribeth, died not long after Adelaide was born.  As such, Adelaide was thrust into the care of her nanny Rosanna, and her tutor Geoffrey.  She grows up to be very intelligent and excels at her studies.  Adelaide also spends time in the kitchen getting to know the staff and proves herself to be quite a natural cook.

As time goes on, King Aster remarries.  She’s a horrid woman who’s only goal was to become queen.  Her name is still undetermined but she bears our King Aster a beautiful and healthy boy.  The Queen becomes fearful that her husband will leave the throne and kingdom to her step-daughter so she fills his head about how her son should be the rightful heir.  Mostly it comes down to how Adelaide has been left unchecked by her nanny and tutor and has not been properly brought up to be Queen of Gastara (which is quite hilarious since quite frankly neither is she).  The best thing would be to have Adelaide put into an arranged marriage to a foreign country.  The king, besotted with his young and beautiful wife, agrees but says that when Adelaide has reached of age or her nanny dies (whichever comes first), he’ll find her a suitable husband.

Well, Rosanna dies first (no surprise there) and it leaves Adelaide at the young age of eighteen.  The Queen has found the perfect suitor, a horrid ogre of a man who will be happy to pay 50 wagons of gold for the beauty of Gastara.  Adelaide, being far smarter than anyone gives her credit for, asks for four things from her father:  three dresses (one as glittery as the stars, one as radiant as the moon, and one as golden as the sun) and a coat made from a thousand furs.  Thinking her father would never be able to accomplish this task, Adelaide goes about her way.  The Queen, being very ambitious, organizes a hunting tournament and hires the best seamstresses in the land.  She pays handsomely and within a week, Adelaide’s “prince” will be arriving to marry her.

The suitor arrives and plans to make Adelaide his bride within twenty-four hours but Adelaide has planned to run away.  Despite fervent pleas to her father who has stopped listening to her, being entirely under the influence of his wife, Adelaide has resigned herself to the fact that the only one who can care about her is herself.  And such, Adelaide takes the three dresses, and coat, as well as a few other items and sets off in the darkest of night just as the snow begins to fall leaving the home she knew far behind her.

That is where I’ll leave her story.  Now, this story will need some serious flushing out and the kinks works out of it, but I’m excited to begin working on it this upcoming November.  I don’t know how the story will end or how it will all work out, so there’s a strong possibility that it will actually be finished.  I’ll post updates about her and what’s happening in her story as they become completed!

– Deanna


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