Dee’s Dailies 8/21/16

Well, it’s been a couple of days and it’s officially Sunday so I figured I’d catch up.  Friday and Saturday were absolutely amazing days.  Friday was so awesome that it’s the reason I forgot to post.  It was Summer Fest at work and I’m co-event chair which means that I had a hand in putting everything together.  From 7:30 til 2:50 I, with some of my co-workers, put up decorations and sat up activities.  The event lasted from 3-5:30 and it was almost 6 by the time I left work.  Needless to say, I ordered take-out and was in bed before 10…on a Friday night!  My lower back and feet were like if you don’t lay down and stop moving for several hours put together you’ll never move again!  I slept for quite a bit.

In fact, I overslept Saturday morning.  I had to go see Cookie because we were having a Jane Eyre and crochet day.  It was so nice to be able to just hang out with her and spend time together.  We’ve not done that for a while and I miss having good company.  Not that my roomie or other friends don’t count as good company.  We ended our time together with trip to Hastings which is going out of business.  I got two new books and a movie.  I’ve got to find someway to fill in these empty bookcases.

Today is Sunday and is the Lord’s day.  I’ve spent the better part of Saturday fasting and will continue until Church let’s out at 4.   I also have to go grocery shopping so that’ll be something for Monday.  All in all, the beginning part of this weekend has been very enjoyable.  I can only pray that Sunday matches it.

– Deanna


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