Dee’s Daily 8/17


It’s really a difficult name for the younger ones to pronounce.  I’ve been called Anna, Hannah, Deenna (okay, really only one child calls me Deena and his mother has been told that she can’t correct him.  It’s too adorable.) and many other variants.  Well, in one room, Anna is very common so I thought it would be fun for them to call me Nana.  “Nan” was a nickname growing up, so it’s okay.

Well, they couldn’t say Nana and kept saying Anna.  Well, eventually one little girl looked right at me and said “Banana.”  I laughed so hard because it didn’t really dawn on me that Nana was what some of them probably call a Banana.  I high-fived the child and moved on with my day.

I may still be trying to get them to call me Nana but we’ll see.  “Banana” is just too cute a substitution though…




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