Character Spotlight – Taylor Peterson

A look at Taylor Peterson – the main character in “Windmills of Your Mind.”


Realm:  Original Fiction

Story Title:  Windmills of Your Mind

Play-By:  Laura Spencer

Taylor Peterson was created in my college years and has two very close friends:  Sapphire (a Visual Arts major) and Gwendolyn Holland (an ASL major).  Taylor is a music major and is pursuing a Performance Degree in both Viola and Voice.  Taylor is the second youngest of ten children and attends Bayside University in Bayside, Wisconsin.  During her fifth year at Bayside (because let’s face it…a double major will take more than four years to finish ) Taylor falls for Dominic Weston – a regular skirt chaser.

The story starts in the fall as she’s beginning her sixth year and Dominic and she are still together.  They’ve been together for about a year which is the longest Dominic has ever been with anyone.  Well, technically the story starts with the Prologue where Taylor is leaving Europe where she has spent her entire summer studying at a Fine Arts program.  There she met Ian Argyris who has been her mentor when she first started her Europe summers back in high school.  It was natural for him to fall in love with her and of course, she didn’t see what was right in her face all along.  There are some hints to that in the prologue but we then go to chapter one where it’s obvious that things aren’t going to go as well with Dominic.

I’m going to leave it there for now and give a little personal history with this story.  It came about after a relationship went sour during college and Sapphire and Gwendolyn are based off of two very close friends who got me through it.  This story deals with anorexia…not that I suffered from it because I’ve not.  I wanted this to be a sort of moving on story.  Taylor sees things through rose colored glasses and has to grow up somehow.

So…there’s Taylor!  I don’t have a story for you to go read, but look for that one day!  Till next week’s character spotlight!!

– Deanna

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