Long Live the Bruce!!!

The Kentucky Renaissance Faire 2016 – Steampunk Weekend!!


My heart is so full this morning and I feel like my cup of happiness is overflowing.  Yesterday was truly a wonderful day for me and the Roomie as we attended the Kentucky Renaissance Fair for my 5th time and her 3rd.  We love the Fair and as we don’t get to travel to attend others, we anxiously await this one since it’s so close to us.  We attended Steampunk Weekend, so I love seeing all of the costumes and gadgets that people wear.  I went during Masquerade weekend and I wish i had a picture to share with you all, but I don’t.  I do have a pictures of my gypsy outfit which I wore yesterday!

This first one is a picture of my hair which I had done at Braided Image, a show located at Faire.  Every weekend I get it done first thing after the gates open and I usually wear it all day Saturday – Monday.  I love wearing it to church as I get to share a piece of my life with people I may not usually talk to.  And the kids at work enjoy seeing it as I’ve probably talked about going to Faire all week.  I usually have a High Combination Tucked but last weekend I had a Classic Pinned braid and yesterday I had a Diagonal French Braid with Ribbon.



Yes, I am in front of the Tarot and Palm Reading booth which I go to once a year.  It’s interesting but I don’t believe in any of it.  However, the Lord does work through others sometimes and who’s to say that people who do Palm Readings and such can’t give us answers to things we’ve been asking of Heavenly Father?

Now, Roomie and I arrived early enough to see all of Opening Gate which is the arrival of the King and Royal Family and the Knights.  After the gates were opened we do immediate shopping like hair braiding and stop by the jewelry shop next to it for new pieces.  I usually buy a new ring and since we’re repeat customers, I think we get a discount.  🙂  Roomie got her a necklace (which she wears in her hair), anklet, and a new ear cuff since she doesn’t have her ears pierced.

After about 45 minutes of shopping we head to Mikaela’s Pub for the Cast Pub Sing.  I’m slowly starting to learn some of the songs and I enjoy the ones with Audience Participation ( but we’ll get to that in a minute ).  After the Pub Sing we had about 45 minutes to do a some more shopping and see a friend I go see every year but, again, more about her soon.  At 12:15 we are back at the Pub for Drunk & Sailor.  Now, they are not the reason we show up to Faire every year, but they are in the top 5 reasons.  (I’ll give you a hint: Number 1 is shopping).

Now, I’m gonna step out of my story for a minute and tell you something.  Roomie’s first year at Faire was a trip and I got embarrass the daylights out of her…and the best place to do that is going to see Drunk & Sailor.  They ask if there are any “Rennie Virgins” and I instantly made them well aware it was Roomie’s first time.  So she got to go up and sing Wild Rover.  Now, when Roomie and I get together….we’re pretty unstoppable and feed off each other’s excitement.  So, after she was done we were singing along and smiling and having a good time.  Then, something happened that had never happened before.  When they asked for people to come up and sing another song they choose me and Roomie!!  We sang Rattlin’ Bog  (btw – that is them in the video) and it was so much fun!

I’ll step back in to my story.

Long story short, they’re seeing all of the songs Roomie and I know so we’re singing and by now we’re pretty regular attendees as we attend more than one weekend of Faire. So, there’s an audience participation song and Roomie and I just know what to do and they ask both of us to come up on stage!!  It’s so much fun singing and dancing and it was probably the highlight of our day.  Afterwards we stuck around for Minstrel Woode and got to request the first song Whiskey in the Jar.

So, we did more shopping and went back to the Pub in time for Tartanic which I saw for the first time last week (without Roomie).  Two bagpipe players, and a third who plays this huge drum and it was so much fun!  And very loud!! After Tartanic was the Joust which there are three throughout the day and I like seeing the second one and since it’s usually pretty warm, it’s a good excuse to sit in the shade for a bit.

After the Joust we finish off with more shopping.  Over the course of the day I’d bought a new ring, had my fortune told, had my hair done, a surprise for my Seester, homemade Soda, some more jingles for my gypsy outfit, and a new DRAGON!!!  Jack ( the one I won last year ) was getting lonely so here is his new sister: Violet!


Isn’t she just precious?!  She sits on our couch and I love her!!!

So, our very last person to see on our way out was Oakley.  I went to human school with her but I’ve not graduated from Faerie school yet so I don’t have my wings.  But we go see how she and her other half and the wee one is done.  We got to talk shop as Willow Chanter ( my fae side ) and Zinnea Breeze ( Roomie’s fae side ) are doing.  We’re going to be putting together their costumes soon and I need to learn a little ( and when I say a little I mean a lot ) about corsetry making.

There’s so much more that happened that I wish I could put it all here but I’d be at this for another hour.  The Kentucky Renaissance Faire is something that I love doing every summer and I always enjoy my time there.  But I have to say…this past weekend was probably my favorite!!  Here’s one last pic of my complete gypsy outfit and that’s all for today!!


– Deanna

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