Character Spotlight – Ismene Daria Muse Crest Benedict Orlay

Realm: Fanfiction in the Harry Potter Universe

Fanfiction Title: RPG Board – Where Phantoms Sleep

Play-By:  Kelly Sweet and Lisa Lambe

WHOA!  What a name!!  Ismene ( better known as Issie ) has been a character in my head for almost eight years.  Gigi if you’re reading this…just imagine!  Since her arrival she has gone through so many changes and is slowly becoming a very well developed character.  But first a little back story.

Where Phantoms Sleep or WPS is a post Golden Trio/Battle of Hogwarts board created by my bestie Gigi and a friend of hers.  As someone who loves these types of things ( seriously, it’s the BEST way to learn character development ) I jumped right in.  All of the faculty have retired so it’s brand new everybody!  After a while all the peeps who were on the board vanished so it’s just me and Gigi playing around with characters.

Issie comes from a pure-blood 90% Slytherin background and was sorted into Gryffindor.  So, she was pretty much shunned by her stuck-up family.  She meets this adorable boy, Sabriel, during second year charms and he just sort of never goes away.  Spoiler: They totally end up together.  Their relationship is pretty smooth until 7th year when Issie wrongfully accuses him of cheating on her which leads to her being Anorexic when she finds out the truth that he wasn’t and that leads to a whole other can of worms.

Anyway, Ismene Daria Muse Crest eventually goes to live with her godparents during the Eternal Summer ( the three years post the Battle of Hogwarts ) and despite keeping everyone at bay manages to grow up into a fine young woman during those three years and manages to keep Sabriel around.  Don’t ask me how…or why.  Her and Sabriel’s story is still being worked on, despite all of the years she’s been around.  I can honestly say she’s the foundation for all of the characters that have come after her.

That’s all for today folks!  Until next week’s Character Spotlight!!

– Deanna


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