The Hand You’re Dealt

“…by keeping our blessings close and getting rid of the negative, we’ll all be much happier.”


So I’ve always said to myself (and to others) that you must play with the cards you’ve been dealt.  Like if I’ve had a bad few days/weeks/months and people ask how I’m doing and after we’ve talked about, I’ll usually say that I’m just playing with the cards I’ve been dealt.  But there’s so much more to it than that.

If you look at life like a card game, so much is done before you even play the hand that you have.  Let’s say that the Dealer is Heavenly Father.  He deals us our “cards” which can be anything that might happen in our lives…the good and the bad.  Now we have our hand but we get to decide what we keep and what we get rid of. For example, let’s say you’ve been dealt a job opportunity that will help you better yourself and help make sure your family is financially stable.  That’s definitely a “card” you would keep.  Then let’s say you’ve been dealt something that’s not so pleasant.  Perhaps you suddenly get a flat tire on the way to the meeting that would secure that promotion.

Now, you can choose to one of two things with that card.  You can keep it or you can get rid of it.  If you keep it, there are chances that a lot of bitterness, resentment, and a whole lot of negative feelings that will be attached with that card.  You could have four other cards in your hand that are full of positive rewards and filled with Heavenly Father’s blessings.  But that one card that you’ve held on to could completely ruin it because you choose to let it go.  You could also give it back to Heavenly Father for we should cast all of our burdens on the Lord.  Now, He’ll give us another card of His choosing, but it’s our actions and reactions when seeing the cards we’ve been given that help us “play our hand” or “live our lives” in accordance to God’s will.

Only after careful consideration, prayer, study, and keeping to God’s commandments can we then play with the hand we’ve been dealt.  Of course, once a hand (or round) is over, it’s time to turn all of the cards in and start a new round.  On and on the cycle goes.  It’s our choices that can either make or break this “game.”

I was dealt the wonderful card of “divorce” about a year and a half ago.  For a while, I held on to that card very tightly.  I thought I was justified in my feelings of anger and sadness towards the people surrounding that card.  (Now, I never directed any of that towards Heavenly Father because we all know what happens when we blame Him for our misfortunes.  Hint: never goes well.)  Today would have been my five year wedding anniversary.  It took time and healing to give that card back to the Lord and say “I see that this is the card that I’ve been given.  It’s affected my life and I acknowledge it.  It’s time I give it, and all of the feelings associated with it, back to You.”  It was hard and I had to fully come to terms with the reality and be at peace.  But when I did…I felt truly set free.  Today I went out and spent time with people who mattered.  I’m celebrating a new life that I’ve been given.

Over the past few weeks I’ve felt the end of one round and I can see that I’m being dealt new cards for a new phase of life.  Some cards are easy to keep and some cards can be a little too difficult to give back.  None of us are perfect.  We are all human.  But I believe by keeping our blessings close and getting rid of the negative, we’ll all be much happier.

I certainly hope that this post made sense to you.  It at least sounded right in my head.  Like I said,

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