Character Spotlight -Evelyn Dormier

Realm: Fanfiction in the Once Upon a Time Universe

Fanfiction Title: The Fairy’s Daughter

Play-By:  Kristen Dunst

Brief History: Evelyn Dormier is the daughter of Ember Dormier, The White Fairy – Queen of the Fairies.  After Ember fell in love with a mortal man and conceived his child, Ember lost her wings and most of her magic.  She soon lost the man she loved to another woman, and gave birth to her daughter.  Ten years later Ember was dead, leaving Evelyn without anyone to look after her…until her birth father came looking for her.  That man is none other than Maurice of Avonlea.

Fast forward fifteen years.  Evelyn has grown up beside her younger half-sister, Belle, and the two are quite inseparable.  After knowing that Maurice has sent for the Dark One to deal with the Ogres, Evelyn realizes what price he will ask: her younger sister Belle.  Summoning Rumpelstiltskin, Evelyn asks to go in Belle’s place, telling him that she’s a half-fae.  The Dark One agrees and he arrives the next to take her to his castle…much to the dismay of her half-sister.


That is where I’m going to leave it.  This book is part one in a two book series and I love writing this story.  Evelyn is quite an interesting character who doesn’t always get along with the voices in my head.  If you’re interesting in reading the first few chapters of this story, you can find it here.  Until next Monday!!

– Deanna


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