The Nerves

So, it wasn’t until I was getting ready to go on stage Thursday night that I realized just where the nerves come from!  For years I’ve been on stage either for a show, opera, choir, or my own personal recitals.  And if I ever have some sort of solo part, I always get so terrified.

But it’s not the singing the solo, or saying my lines that’s got me so worked.  It’s the waiting!  Even right now as I have 9 hours til curtain rises on my second show, I’m freaking out.  My heart is racing, and my hands are shaking, and I’m trying to do everything in my power to stay calm and take my mind off the show.  I realized Thursday night, the second the show started and I stepped out on stage the nerves went away and I could just go on with the show.

Funny how it’s taken almost 20 years to realize that.  But what do the nerves actually teach me or do for me?  Well, apart from stressing me out and giving me a few grey hairs it’s teaching me.  Patience is truly a virtue.  We can’t spend all of our lives worrying about what will come or what will happen.  We have to focus on the now and trust that what we’ve done will be enough for the future.



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