Opening Night

Tonight is night one for me and it’s opening night for the whole show.  I’ll not lie…I’m a mixture of excited and terrified.  Belle is my first lead role and it’s the first time I’ve had this large a role since high school ( 10 years ago ).  So many people from church are coming tonight, as well as some of my family, and my roomie.

Funny thing about roomie.  She was originally going to be my dresser backstage for Act 2 but I nixed that idea after a while.  I told her she doesn’t have to come to opening night now and she can come to any night she wanted.  She was all like “No!  I have to come to Opening Night!  Belle is your dream role and you’ve wanted this for like ever!  I’m not going to miss it!!!”

And I for some reason have the hardest time staying in character when I have to hit Gaston.  I’m not a person who uses physical force and I’m actually slapping him so I end up laughing and say I’m sorry!!  When I explained this to my roomie, she was like “Meh, just pretend he’s Thor.”  Girl does have a point.  But then I was like – “Oh, even better!  I’ll pretend he’s my ex-husband!”  Roomie then screams “YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO KILL HIM!”

I knew there was a reason I kept her around.  She keeps me outta jail.  XD

So, before I sign off and actually be productive before the show, I’d like to dedicate my performance to my grandparents who have both passed on.  Papaw was some time ago, but Granny was not long after I landed this role.  Both would have loved this show and I would have loved to perform for them!  I hope that they’re watching down and are with me tonight!  Regardless, the show must go on!

I might do a post show post if I can even think straight.


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