Gone but Never Forgotten

“…she always made me walk very softly in the kitchen when she had a cake in the oven. She never wanted the cake to fall, and I don’t know if that’s an old wive’s tale or not.”



Alright, this morning’s post is a little more emotional than usual and I’ll blame that on the fact that I finished Kiera Cass’s The Crown last night.  I’ll do a review on that book later on in the day/tomorrow when I have my emotions a bit more reigned in.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Granny who passed away just three months ago.  It’s mostly the memories of my time growing up and being in her house.  When summer came while I was in school and not quite old enough to be staying at the house with just me and my Seester, I’d be at Granny’s.

I remember…

  • how she always made me walk very softly in the kitchen when she had a cake in the oven.  She never wanted the cake to fall, and I don’t know if that’s an old wive’s tale or not.
  • cleaning the house.  A deep clean was always done on Monday.  Maybe that’s where my obsession of cleaning the bathrooms on Mondays come from.  There’d be laundry, dusting, vacuuming, dishes, making the beds which usually came with stripping them and putting on new sheets.
  • being introduced to Miami Vice and NCIS.  Granny and I would binge watch Miami Vice well past midnight and I’ve come to love that show so much.  I’ma gonna need Netflix to bring it back.  And she’d always get “mad” when we watched NCIS because I’d always freak out when Spencer Reid came on the screen.
  • when we’d go to McDonald’s (because that’s where she went for her coffee) we’d crinkle our straw wrappers and throw them at each other.  We’d also do that when the other person wasn’t looking.
  • her cornbread.  I apparently used to eat an entire pan by myself when I was little but after I’d moved away with my family it took a long while to regain that taste for it.  I’d have it with strawberry jelly or with dark Karo syrup and butter.  Mmmmmm!
  • the last time I saw her.  It was a Saturday and I was in between rehearsals for To Broadway With Love and Beauty and the Beast.  TBWL was at ended at 12 and BATB didn’t start til like 2-3ish for me.  Granny lived in the same city as where I was having rehearsals so I’d go and see her.  She wasn’t really coherent the day I saw her and I knew she was tired.  She was all laid up and her breathing was heavy.  I’d make face at her and play like we always did and she tried to do the same, but I knew how tired she was.  I got the call the following Monday that she was gone.

I wasn’t expecting Granny’s death so soon after I’d seen her.  I didn’t expect Papaw’s death either and he died a few years ahead of Granny.  Papaw’s I think had been quick…or at least I thought it was.  Granny’s was slow and strung out.  She’d been sick and dependent on her children for a long time and there just came a time when it was just time to let go.

I saw lots of family I knew and a lot I didn’t during the days leading up to the Visitation and Funeral.  I wear my heart on my sleeve by nature so I was a bucket of tears all those days.  I stayed at Granny’s house….mostly by myself and I’d sit across from her chair and watch the shows that we loved to watch.  I’d sleep in my old bed in my old room and cry myself to sleep.  The first morning I woke up after sleeping there I could’ve sworn I heard the TV on in the back room and her footsteps in the kitchen.  I thought she was making herself her usual morning pot of coffee before going back to watch her morning shows before we started on housework.

You can imagine what I felt when that wasn’t the case.

In my religions, families can be together forever.  While I’m the only LDS member in my family, there’ll come a time when I can seal all of my family together.  I going to make trips to different temples and do their work at different places.  Like my parents and Seester are Catholic so I intend to do all of their work at the temple in Rome, Italy.  Granny and Papaw’s I just might do in the London England temple.  I’ll post pics below.

Granny’s death struck me hard because I felt like I was very close with her.  I know I’ll see her again that I’ll see all of my family again.  Until then, I’ll cherish the memories and wait for the day that I can do all of their temple work.

Until later!



Rome, Italy Temple – http://www.ldschurchtemples.com/rome/

London, England Temple – http://www.ldschurchtemples.com/london/

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