Living for Now

I stopped “living for the weekend” a while ago and I’m so happy I did.  People always say love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life and at 27 I can attest to the truthfulness of the statement.  I’ve found a job I absolutely love and am good at, at least I hope so.  Working at a child care center (especially if you’re Center Support) is amazing.  I get to know all of the kids and kids are happy to see me.  Of course it kind of freaks out their parents since I’m not usually in their child’s classroom at pick-up or drop off.  So it’s all like “Ms. Deanna!” from the kids and all like “Who is this crazy person?!” with the parents.

With summer getting ready to start I’m the Summer Camp coordinator at my center which means I plan out all of the activities and lessons for ten weeks.  I coordinate with local outreaches and programs who can come to our center since we don’t do field trips.  That’s coming up really quick and I have two fabulous co-workers who help out and we are sort of like The Three Musketeers.

But my life doesn’t begin in and end with work.  Oh, no.  I’m also getting ready for the KY Highland Renaissance Festival which begins in a little over two weeks!!  I’ll miss opening weekend because of Beauty and the Beast, ( and even that’s debatable because my show doesn’t start til 7 ) but I’ll be there for almost every weekend after that!  There’s Masquerade Weekend, Pirate Weekend, Steampunk Weekend, Tournament Weekend, and Celtic Weekend.  June 18th will be my once-upon-a-time wedding anniversary and that’s Masquerade weekend so I’ll definitely be celebrating.  Of course, that won’t be anything compared to my Divorce Anniversary in August.  Whee!!

While I love my job, it really enables my habits like sewing and going to Faire and to conventions and traveling.  Of course without money I couldn’t buy books and I’m currently reading The Crown by Kiera Cass.  Once that’s all over, I’ll be giving my review and there will most likely be spoilers.  I also get to attend movies and make other such purchases that only support the voices in my head.  (*cough cough* writing *cough cough*)

So, I basically live each day to the fullest.  Tonight my roommate and I are driving around our city to scope out some spots for my photo shoot happening on Monday.  I have a close friend, Kristen, who is a fabulous photographer and she’s doing my Belle pictures!  Can’t wait to see what her she does!  Link in the doobly-doo.  (and if you understand that reference, good on you!)

So, what about you all?  Do you live for the now or do you just live for the weekend?


Kristen D Photography


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