Faith, Charity, Hope, and Mercy

Four beautiful sisters…each of them with lives that are filled with anything but. Well, at least in the beginning.


Four beautiful sisters…each of them with lives that are filled with anything but.  Well, at least in the beginning.

This series started out as part of my Personal Progress for church.  Faith’s story is the first and it’s still being worked on.  However, I find it hard to write her story when her sisters are trying to tell me theirs at the same time.  Charity’s is easily going to be intertwined with Faith’s because her book is next.  Hope’s story will follow with Mercy’s being the one to close out the series.

The purpose of these stories is to rehash out my own experiences with dating, marriage, and subsequent divorce while now trying to find my life and to see if it’s even possible for me to love again.  And before you say that everyone can find love and be happy and all that sentimental trash, lemme just say that you’ve not lived my life.

Faith (played by Stephanie Honore) – Well, her story deals with how I felt, and still feel, about my divorce.  I did what I was supposed to and, though the purpose of this life is to marry and have a family, look where that got me.  It’s bitter, but each of these girls is to feel something I’ve yet to truly feel and that’s complete happiness when it’s found with someone who completes you.

Charity (played by Daniela Denby-Ashe) – This story deals with what I went through in my marriage.  Hiding the parts of me that made me me and feeling as if I wasn’t living my life, while at the same time living in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship.  While Charity’s story also involves children, and mine did not, it will be about finding herself and rediscovering herself and the things she likes to do.  To realize that it’s okay to love things passionately and through them you find the people you’re meant to be with.

Hope (played by Katie Findlay) – She’s been very quiet and and I’ve not gotten her quite figured out yet.  I’m pretty sure she’s had to put her dreams on hold for her husband who’s practically carted her around the U.S. (or so she feels) and finally having to put her foot down and stand up for herself.  This is something I wished I’d done more often in my marriage as I am quite a push over.  However, she and her husband have to work together and it’s a lot about the struggles her husband faces as he realizes he has been unfair to his wife.

Mercy (played by Sophie Lowe) – Ahh, Mercy.  She’s the youngest of the four sisters and married right into her collegiate life.  She has such dreams about being a stay-at-home mother and having a husband spoil her but she quickly realizes that marriage is a chore and is work.  There are a few surprises that happen very quickly into their marriage and I’ve saved them specifically for the last book.

These are all Romance books that center around my life as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  In some way, all of these girls are a part of me and the men in their lives are things that I believe are good characteristics in a future husband.  Of course, everybody in the story has their failings but I think if you were take all of the good characteristics in each of them men and put them together…you’d have the perfect guy.


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