Beauty is Found Within

So…tonight is a bit of a run-through for me, my roomie, and a close friend.  I’m playing Belle in the local production of Beauty and the Beast, and we’re getting really close to the performance date.  Though my lines are pretty solid, I like having the time to double check lines and also to make dinner and hang out.  Plus it just makes my anxiety that much less.

While we’re sitting and watching a show before rehearsal I’m struck by how much of a geek/nerd I am about Beauty and the Beast.  So many fail to realize that is and has been my favorite love story since I was 10 years old.  I’d seen the Disney adaptation many many MANY times but it was in high school that I became aware of other adaptions and I love them just as dearly.

Faerie Tale Theatre!  It’s really a company that’s made cinematic adaptions of the original versions of fairy tales.  That version came out in 1983 and stars Susan Surandon, Angelica Huston, and Klaus Kinski.  I think I must have rented the VHS from the library dozens of times.  Now, it’s really cheesy and most of the actors are still very young but you can find it on youtube and it’s a nice way to whittle away an hour.  This version is also loosely based off the 1946 version by Jean Cocteau.  That version I saw when I was a senior in High School and if I was uncertain if I’d found a story to love, I was certain then.  All in black and white, with French audio and English subtitles.  Again, acting is well…not the greatest but it’s just amazing!

Anyway, the other adaptations I’ve seen are extensive.  There’s an LDS Belle and the Beast, a Spanish/Italian version, the most recent 2014 French adaptation, Rigoletto, Beastly, a version from Czechoslovakia.  I’d also include Rumple from Once Upon a Time.  Then there are book adaptations like The Merchant’s Daughter and so many others.

I enjoy writing so I’m slowly making way through a Beauty and the Beast retelling that deals with reincarnation and family witchcraft and all sorts of things.  Prince Adam and Princess Belle are promised from birth so they’re marriage is going to happen.  I’ve given Adam a jealous younger brother whose a sorcerer and separates the lovers.  Belle dies and Adam becomes a beast, I’ll let you figure out how, and time goes on.  Hence reincarnation.  I’ve yet to decide a time period or anything so this will be very interesting.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings!  Maybe I’ll post some more about this soon!



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